lithium batteries:3 amazing advantages

lithium batteries:3 amazing advantages

lithium batteries are used to store electrical energy. Electric energy is converted into chemical energy and stored in the battery. When using an electric vehicle, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy to drive the electric vehicle. The battery is the main source of energy for the electric vehicle, so the size of the battery capacity It can determine the cruising range of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles have always used lead-acid batteries. With the development of technology, people have developed lithium battery, which have longer service life and longer cruising range. However, they are not popular in the electric vehicle market. Why do car owners not like to use lithium batteries even though lithium batteries have more obvious advantages? Many car owners say that the shortcomings of lithium batteries are more obvious.

Advantages of lithium battery

The Advantages of lithium batteries include their high energy density, which allows for longer-lasting power in portable devices such as smartphones and laptops.

Long service life

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium battery have a longer service life. Their service life is generally 4 to 5 times that of lead-acid batteries. Current lead-acid batteries are generally used for about 2 to 3 years. , many electric vehicle manufacturers advertise that the lithium battery used can be used for 10 years with a 5-year warranty.

Light weight

Due to the manufacturing process of lithium battery, lithium battery are much lighter than lead-acid batteries. Light weight can reduce the weight of the entire electric vehicle, which can also extend the cruising range of the electric vehicle. At the same time, the quality of the battery Light, it can also make electric vehicles lighter.

High energy density

Also due to the manufacturing process, the energy density of lithium battery is greater. The energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries we often use reaches about 140Wh/kg, while the ternary lithium battery can reach about 240Wh/kg. The disadvantages of lithium ion batteries include limited lifespan, susceptibility to thermal runaway, and challenges in recycling.The energy density of lead-acid batteries used in the past was only 40~70Wh/kg. Compared with lithium battery of the same volume, due to the high energy density of lithium battery, their capacity will be larger and their cruising range will be longer.

lithium batteries for storing excess energy
lithium batteries for storing excess energy

We have introduced above that lithium battery have the advantages of long service life, high energy density, and lighter weight. However, many car owners now reject lithium battery. Lithium battery have always been unpopular with the majority of car owners, mainly for the following four reasons.

Lithium batteries are prone to explosion and are unsafe

    The manufacturing process of lithium battery determines their high energy density. High energy density can increase the capacity of the battery, but high energy density is a double-edged sword. It also has the possibility of explosion. Due to its high energy density, In a sealed battery pack, if it cannot be released quickly in a short period of time, deflagration may occur. This is why lithium battery electric vehicles are often seen exploding. Many people jokingly call electric vehicles a moving bomb.

    Lithium batteries are expensive

      Since the cathode material of lithium battery is rare metal, its raw material prices are relatively high. In addition, the manufacturing cost of lithium battery is also relatively high, which results in the overall price of lithium battery being high. Generally, the price of lithium battery is that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. 2 to 3 times. Batteries account for a relatively large proportion of the entire electric vehicle price, so the price of electric vehicles using lithium battery will be relatively high. Currently, electric vehicles using lithium batteries are mainly mid-to-high-end electric vehicles, and the price They are all above US$400. The price is too high and people are not willing to buy it.

      Inferior lithium batteries are difficult to distinguish

        It is precisely because of the relatively high price of lithium battery that some unscrupulous businessmen see opportunities to take advantage of them by recycling lithium battery, re-disassembling them, and manufacturing inferior lithium battery. Due to the simple manufacturing process of these small workshops, there is no perfect detection. Technology cannot guarantee the quality of lithium battery. Ordinary users do not have professional knowledge and it is difficult to distinguish whether they are inferior lithium battery based on their appearance alone. This is also the main reason why lithium battery electric vehicles are often prone to explosions recently.

        Lead-acid batteries can still be used

          Although lithium batteries have many advantages over lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries are cheap and have low cost of use. Although their cruising range is not that far, they are still acceptable to people. At the same time, electric vehicles are just a means of transportation. As long as it is used for short-distance travel, although lead-acid batteries have a short cruising range and long charging time, the price of electric vehicles using this kind of battery is relatively low and is easily accepted by people.

          How to buy safer lithium batteries?

          In fact, if it is a lithium battery from a regular major manufacturer, the quality is still guaranteed. For example, all new energy electric vehicles now use lithium batteries. It is rare to hear of deflagration in new energy electric vehicles. However, deflagration in electric vehicles is mainly due to Due to the use of inferior lithium batteries, how can car owners buy safer lithium batteries when purchasing?

          Choose a big brand

          If you want to buy an electric vehicle using lithium battery, you can consider the first-tier big brands. Now many first-tier electric vehicles have launched lithium battery versions. The lithium batteries they carry are more quality-guaranteed. At the same time, It will also have a BMS battery management system, which can ensure the normal use of lithium batteries.

          Don’t be greedy for small things

          Since the purchase cost of lithium batteries is relatively high, some users will choose some cheap lithium batteries to save money. If the price of the purchased lithium battery is obviously low, there will definitely be some tricks in the lithium battery. It lays hidden safety risks, so when purchasing lithium batteries, don’t be greedy for small gains. The temporary low price may cause big hidden dangers later.

          lithium batteries for efficient power management
          lithium batteries for efficient power management

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